Psrking brake failure


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Hi, I dont know if anyone can give me some advice. When I put on my parking brake 80% of the time it comes up as a parking brake failure on the screen and pings at me. The brake is actually on though and sometimes won't go off unless you turn the engine on and off. I tried one garage who said he thought the actuators maybe out of sink and confusing the computer. It took it somewhere else and they said it may need a software update which they did and it just started playing up again the next day.

That garage said the next thing the would try was replacing the acctuator/servos for around £1000 to see if that would fix it! Needles to say I don't have that sort of money! My partner has taken the wheels off and one of them was a bit 'grindy' so we bought new one and replaced it which sounds much better but hasn't completely sorted it. The strange thing now is when the engines off the handbrake works perfectly you could sit there for hours putting it on and off no problem. It's when the engines on it fails and you can hear them slightly go out of time. I'm going to have to replace the other one now but if this doesn't work I'm at a loss what to do. Has anyone else come up against this issue or got any tips on what else we can try? Thank you!