2016 BMW M2 production in Leipzig, Germany


BMW?s new M2 is already in production at a plant located in Leipzig, Germany. In the above gallery, we see the first one to roll off the line, a nice Long Beach Blue example. The first M2s are due in the United States in the spring. They arrive as 2016 models and should be priced from slightly above $50k. Other confirmed colors include Alpine White, Black Sapphire metallic and Mineral Grey metallic.

While you await its arrival, take this opportunity to meet the people behind the car. The list includes exterior designer Hussein Al-Attar, engine developer Marcus Engelke, chassis developer Peter Schmid, drivetrain developer Joachim Roederer, body developer Konrad Pointer, plant manager Frank Wohlrabe, product manager Bettina Schmidt and finally project head Frank Isenberg.

A single glance is all it takes to pick the 365-horsepower M2 out as a member of the BMW M family, with its styling also keen to advertise its dynamic attributes. We especially love the low, wide stance plus the fact that the car is available with a conventional, three-pedal manual transmission. Of course, a dual-clutch unit is on offer for those that prefer an automatic. It?s also the quicker option here, as it helps the M2 accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds versus the 4.4 seconds that manual-equipped cars require. Top speed is limited to 155 mph, and we also hear the M2 needs just 7:58 to complete a lap of the N?rburgring.